Online Sales Process & Automation

Duration: 3 modules - 2 hours

Language: Rus

Location: Fully Online

Course price: $400

The course will be useful to those who want to update their knowledge of sales, expand their set of tools, work out case studies with examples, and rethink their expectations / actions.

Mentor: Anton Fedulov

Start Date: Start 05 Apr 2021 - from 19-30 to 21-30.

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Online Sales Label CourseCourse Program:

Module One:

  • - Lead generation tools (automation)
  • - Analysis of the sales funnel (stages, control)
  • - Working sales channels (without Upwork)
  • - Ways to grow your lead (Social Proof)
  • - Overview of the IT market and competitors
  • - Modern sales structure with metrics (roles, responsibilities, OKR)
  • - The process of building a department from scratch (where to go and where to start)

Second Module:

  • - Marketing sales channels
  • - Negotiations in IT (we close projects, we sell service)
  • - Planning your own sales performance
  • - Workflow and Commercial Offers
  • - Business models and main differences, risks
  • - Commercial offer (types of offers)

Third Module:

  • - Product versus IT Service
  • - The main risks in the design development
  • - Communication with the C-Level Guide: key selling issues
  • - Sales castes: development levels of sales
  • - Project architecture (describe the advantages over the sale)

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