Online Unit Economy Course

Duration: 1 module - 2 hours

Language: Rus

Location: Fully Online

Course price: $200

The course will be useful to those who want to update their knowledge of sales, expand their set of tools, work out case studies with examples, and rethink their expectations / actions.

Mentor: Anton Fedulov

Start Date: Start 04 June 2020

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Online Sales Label CourseCourse Program:


  • - Sales Matrix Map: Design process of sales department team
  • - Lead Generation Map: Design process of channels and instruments
  • - KPI’s Map: Benchmark for middle sized company
  • - Sales Engagement Map: Behavior and control of lead journey pipeline
  • - Sales Process Map: Proposal and Initiation Sales Phase
  • - Business Development Process: Action that need to deliver
  • - Sales Drivers: How to perform

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Mentor: Anton Fedulov

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